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ISHI Early Registration Ends August 1st

ISHI ArizonaEarly registration ends August 1st
Save $100 when you register for ISHI by August 1st.
Meeting registration includes:
• an opening welcome reception
• continental breakfast each day
• lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday
• the Rawhide offsite dinner event
• all conference materials
The general session program will feature 2½ days of talks and 100+ scientific posters. Pre- and post-symposium workshops will cover a range of forensic interests, including next-generation sequencing, complex DNA mixtures, analysis of biological evidence and more.
Visit www.ishinews.com to view the program and register.

Governor Chafee signs variety of bills into R.I. law

DNA_TestingAmong the measures signed by Chafee:
A law that would require a DNA sample to be collected from anyone arrested for a violent crime, including murder, manslaughter, first-degree arson, robbery, first-degree and second-degree sexual assault and other charges. The samples would be submitted into a federal database. Currently, the police collect DNA samples only from people convicted of felonies.

Iowa DCI present DNA evidence

DNA Helix 2KIMT News 3 – Iowa DCI investigators discuss how DNA evidence links Michael Cisneros to the scene of the crime.
DNA testing has come a long way in nearly 20 years and it’s the hope of prosecutors that this evidence along with opportunity is what can tie Michael Cisneros to the murder of John Snyder Jr.

Diomics Technology Highlighted In Compelling New Study

Blue Helix2SAN DIEGO, July 1, 2014 /CNW/ – Diomics, Inc., a provider of X-Swab™, a novel bio-specimen collection material, reported that its patented technology was used in a new study being published today in the journal Forensic Science International Genetics. The study, “Evaluation of a Novel Material, Diomics X-Swab™, for Collection of DNA,” assessed the ability of X-Swab™ to recover DNA by DNA quantitation and short tandem repeat (STR) typing. The authors conclude that X-Swab™ yielded significantly more DNA and higher average peak heights compared with DNA extracted from competing technologies for both blood and saliva samples, particularly for low quantity samples.

Brianna’s Law, or DNA testing for felony arrests, begins in Nevada

dna analysis labBrianna’s Law, Nevada’s DNA testing law, went into effect Tuesday after it won a hard-fought and emotional battle during the 2013 Legislature.