Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

Utah to hire private labs to analyze stockpiled rape kits

human genomeFor years, Utah law enforcement agencies have faced roadblocks to processing hundreds, if not thousands, of backlogged rape kits — the state crime lab was underfunded and understaffed.
Now lawmakers have come up with a stopgap solution: $750,000 for private laboratories to analyze rape kits.

70 years after, WWII U.S soldier identified by DNA

PFC Lawrence GordonTHE family of Private First Class (PFC), Lawrence S. Gordon has announced that their relative has been officially accounted for with the United States Government and Department of Defense almost 70 years after his death during the World War Two (WWII).
The news came after three independent laboratories were able to get positive DNA results from multiple bone and tooth samples.

Long-forgotten rape evidence finally reveals its clues in Northern Virginia lab

The trucks keep arriving from all over the country at an office park in Northern Virginia, each containing hundreds of envelopes marked with one word written on red tape: “Evidence.”
DNA CollectionJust after 9 on a weekday morning, Kim Freeman pulls her hair back from her face and walks from her cubicle to a large storage room. “I’m here for the two,” she tells a desk attendant.