Daily Archives: April 30, 2014

Oregon mystery bones could solve nation’s oldest missing persons case on record

Marvin ClarkForensic sleuths using DNA evidence could be close to making a positive identification on the nation’s oldest missing persons case, one with deep — and nearly 100-year-old — roots in Oregon.
Marvin A. Clark, 75, was last seen at a bus terminal on Southwest Salmon Street in downtown Portland on Saturday Oct. 30, 1926.

Search For Mona Lisa Continues, DNA Tests Carried Out On Skeletal Remains

Mona LisaResearchers recovered skeletal remains from a centuries-old Florence tomb on Tuesday (April 28) in order to carry out DNA tests that could confirm the identity of the woman whose enigmatic smile Leonardo da Vinci immortalized in the “Mona Lisa”, one of the world’s most famous paintings.
A round hole, just big enough for a person to wriggle through, has given access through the stone church floor to the family crypt of Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo, whose wife Lisa Gherardini is thought to have sat for the Renaissance master in the early 16th century.