Daily Archives: April 24, 2014

Proposal would require all arrestees to provide DNA samples

sole DNAINDIANAPOLIS – Indiana lawmakers are making another effort to try and pass legislation that would require all people arrested for criminal offenses to provide a DNA sample.
The U.S. Supreme Court approved collecting DNA samples from convicted criminals in all 50 states nearly 25 years ago.

Legislation would speed up rape kit processing in Michigan

AndersonBipartisan legislation designed to speed up the processing of the kits used to store evidence from sexual assault victims was introduced Monday in Lansing.
Senate Bill 901, introduced by Sen. Bert Johnson, D-Detroit, and co-sponsored by senators from both parties would help find a solution to the “systemic problem of how our state handles sexual assault cases,” Johnson said. It was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Blood in gourd ‘is not from beheaded Louis XVI’

gourdA sample of blood long thought to belong to French King Louis XVI is probably not authentic, scientists say.
An elaborately decorated gourd was thought to contain a handkerchief that had been dipped in the king’s blood after he was killed by guillotine by French revolutionaries in 1793.

IAF to set up high-risk crew’s DNA database

DNA DatabaseIn a first, the Indian Air Force has initiated a project for DNA profiling of its personnel, selecting a high-risk group of aircrew that undertakes dangerous missions for the first round. A database of the DNA records will be established in Pune.