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Oregon mystery bones could solve nation’s oldest missing persons case on record

Marvin ClarkForensic sleuths using DNA evidence could be close to making a positive identification on the nation’s oldest missing persons case, one with deep — and nearly 100-year-old — roots in Oregon.
Marvin A. Clark, 75, was last seen at a bus terminal on Southwest Salmon Street in downtown Portland on Saturday Oct. 30, 1926.

Search For Mona Lisa Continues, DNA Tests Carried Out On Skeletal Remains

Mona LisaResearchers recovered skeletal remains from a centuries-old Florence tomb on Tuesday (April 28) in order to carry out DNA tests that could confirm the identity of the woman whose enigmatic smile Leonardo da Vinci immortalized in the “Mona Lisa”, one of the world’s most famous paintings.
A round hole, just big enough for a person to wriggle through, has given access through the stone church floor to the family crypt of Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo, whose wife Lisa Gherardini is thought to have sat for the Renaissance master in the early 16th century.

Dubai Police to open $100m CSI-style crime labs

Dubai+policeDubai Police has unveiled plans for a $100m forensic science and criminology laboratory which provide high-tech DNA, toxicology, firearms, document and fingerprint testing and will be the first of its kind in the region, the WAM news agency announced on Tuesday.

Rape Kit Backlog Report Tracks Complex Path

DNA techThe former federal prosecutor investigating the city’s untested rape kit backlog says clearing the backlog will mean more than an investment in testing the rape kits for DNA.

Cybergenetics TrueAllele Validated on Virginia DNA Mixture Cases

Human ID1PITTSBURGH, PA. — Biological evidence is often a DNA mixture of two or more people. Forensic laboratories apply thresholds that simplify DNA data, which can reduce match statistics or discard evidence.
But sophisticated computing better preserves identification information, as shown in a recent study, “TrueAllele Casework on Virginia DNA mixture evidence: computer and manual interpretation in 72 reported criminal cases.” This fifth TrueAllele validation article was viewed a thousand times in one month at the open-access PLoS ONE journal website.

Hunt on to Find Cervantes _ Spain’s Great Writer

CervantesMiguel de Cervantes, Spain’s greatest writer, was a soldier of little fortune. He died broke in Madrid, his body riddled with bullets. His burial place was a tiny convent church no larger than the entrance hall of an average house.
No more was heard of the 16th century author until the rediscovery of a novel featuring an eccentric character called Don Quixote rescued him from oblivion.

Bode Technology Launches Accelerated Processing of Sexual Assault Kits

dna12The Bode Technology Group, Inc. (Bode), a leading provider of forensic DNA services, announced today the introduction of the Bode Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing (Bode ASAP™) service.

Beaufort County sheriff requests staff attorney, DNA analyst to cut backlogs

GavelDNAThe Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office wants to hire an attorney and another DNA analyst to help reduce case and evidence backlogs.Months-long backlogs are slowing investigations and bogging down deputies in courtroom proceedings, according to Sheriff P.J. Tanner.

The strange case of the ‘time travel’ murder

Evidence Bag1A woman’s body is found in London. DNA turns up a hit, yet the suspect apparently died weeks before the alleged victim. Here, forensic scientist Dr Mike Silverman tells the story of one of the strangest cases of his career.

South Korea Ferry Victim Mix-Ups Prompt DNA Tests

Ferry DNA Mix-upJINDO, South Korea – Parents of youngsters aboard the doomed South Korean ferry are facing the heartbreaking task of trying to identify bodies that are so badly decomposed that DNA tests are often necessary to confirm its their loved one.

Unraveling Crimes, Henry Lee Transformed Art Of Forensic Science

Henry LeeLong before he became an internationally known forensic scientist sought out by the likes of the Kennedys and O.J. Simpson, Henry Lee began his career in a converted bathroom at the Bethany state police barracks.

Proposal would require all arrestees to provide DNA samples

sole DNAINDIANAPOLIS – Indiana lawmakers are making another effort to try and pass legislation that would require all people arrested for criminal offenses to provide a DNA sample.
The U.S. Supreme Court approved collecting DNA samples from convicted criminals in all 50 states nearly 25 years ago.

Legislation would speed up rape kit processing in Michigan

AndersonBipartisan legislation designed to speed up the processing of the kits used to store evidence from sexual assault victims was introduced Monday in Lansing.
Senate Bill 901, introduced by Sen. Bert Johnson, D-Detroit, and co-sponsored by senators from both parties would help find a solution to the “systemic problem of how our state handles sexual assault cases,” Johnson said. It was referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Blood in gourd ‘is not from beheaded Louis XVI’

gourdA sample of blood long thought to belong to French King Louis XVI is probably not authentic, scientists say.
An elaborately decorated gourd was thought to contain a handkerchief that had been dipped in the king’s blood after he was killed by guillotine by French revolutionaries in 1793.

IAF to set up high-risk crew’s DNA database

DNA DatabaseIn a first, the Indian Air Force has initiated a project for DNA profiling of its personnel, selecting a high-risk group of aircrew that undertakes dangerous missions for the first round. A database of the DNA records will be established in Pune.