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Amanda Knox and DNA Contamination

amanda-knoxCentral to the inquiry is what, if any evidence, links Knox to the Kercher murder. Knox’s retrial led to new DNA tests on a knife that prosecutors said could be the murder weapon. But Greg Hampikian – founder and director of the Idaho Innocence Project – voiced serious concerns about this evidence.

State program analyzes untested rape kits

DNA Test1Across the country, it’s not uncommon for rape kits to go untested for DNA. That includes Ohio, which is among the states that has made an effort to address the problem. Free testing through the Ohio attorney general’s office has helped solve some cases. Local agencies are awaiting results on their sexual assault kits.

Norwalk Police: DNA From Beer Can Leads To Arrest In 2010 Burglary

Norwalk PDNORWALK, Conn. – DNA evidence taken from a beer can has led to an arrest in a Norwalk burglary case from 2010, police said.
A Carleton Court resident reported the burglary in October 2010, after finding signs that her apartment had been entered while she was out, including an empty beer can, according to the police report. The resident reported that a small amount of cash and change was missing from the apartment, police said.

Solving Cold Cases

Iowa AnalystANKENY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) — It’s a CSI fan’s dream – but the DCI crime lab in Ankeny is far from the lights, camera and flash of Hollywood.
“We spend a lot of time doing the paperwork,” Lab Supervisor Paul Bush said.
However, the 52 men and women here do more than that. It’s their job to gather evidence from hundreds of Iowa crimes every year. The lab consists of several areas – guns and ballistics to drug analysis, handwriting, and fingerprints,