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DNA Analysis with UV-Visible Microspectroscopy

DNA under electron microscopeIn forensics laboratories, one of the most frequently used techniques is DNA analysis. This technique can be performed in several ways, however, precise identification and quantification of small samples has been often complex and time-consuming.
With recent advancements in UV-visible microspectroscopy technology, even trace amounts of DNA evidence can be easily quantified and analyzed for purity and viability. This article outlines the technique of DNA analysis using UV-visible microspectroscopy.

Testimony ends in Hank Skinner DNA hearing

DNA IrelandPAMPA — A Texas Department of Public Safety expert testified Tuesday that genetic material found on a knife at the scene of a 1993 triple homicide was consistent with Hank Skinner’s DNA profile, but the death row inmate’s defense team maintains that another man killed the family.

More than 5,500 rape kits to be tested for DNA

sexual assault kitsCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says it has received 5,523 previously untested rape kits as it searches for DNA matches that could help solve sexual assaults.