Daily Archives: January 29, 2014

Forthcoming NIJ Funding Opportunities

Justice DeptTypically, most of NIJ’s solicitations are released December through April (pending appropriations from Congress).
This preliminary list of solicitations will change over the coming weeks. When the solicitation is released, it will contain the name and contact information of the person managing the solicitation. To be fair and open in the competition, we do not discuss solicitations until they are published. Total funding for these solicitations will depend on the availability of funds.

Which parts of us are Neanderthal? Our genes point to skin and hair

Neanderthal characteristicsA double-barreled comparison of ancient Neanderthal DNA with hundreds of modern-day genomes suggests that many of us have Neanderthal skin and hair traits — but other parts of the Neanderthal genome appear to have been bred out of us along the way.

Fort Worth scientists work to ID bodies found in Florida

Dozier gravesitesThe bodies were discovered in a graveyard at a reform school in Florida, dark secrets hidden for more than 60 years.