Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

New method rescues DNA from contaminated Neandertal bones

paleolithic-human-man-lgRetrieval of ancient DNA molecules is usually performed with special precautions to prevent DNA from researchers or the environment to get mixed in with the DNA from the fossil. However, many ancient fossils have been lying in museum collection for decades, and are contaminated with present-day human DNA before they enter the DNA-laboratory.

DNA from ancient plague points to modern peril

helix 7…Using DNA teased from 1,500-year-old teeth of plague victims buried in Germany, scientists have reconstructed the genetic profile of the killer and say its ability to mutate is a warning for people today…

Oklahoma City police, prosecutors use DNA evidence to nab thieves

DNA 2A smudge of blood on a broken window. A discarded cigarette butt. Even a used piece of toilet paper. These are all items from which Oklahoma City police have recovered DNA evidence from burglars. Even when the criminals have not been identified and charged, their DNA profiles often are.
The department started aggressively pursuing property crime cases through DNA evidence in 2009, said Campbell Ruddock, police DNA lab manager.

Bills seek moratorium on destroying DNA evidence

DNA and justiceOLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The destruction of DNA evidence in some criminal cases has prompted the introduction of measures in the state House and Senate that would impose an 18-month moratorium on such actions.

Pentagon, scientists closing in on rapid DNA technology

DNA IrelandResearchers are closing in on the final steps of a new system to analyze human DNA in 90 minutes instead of the two to three weeks it now takes, according to interviews with Pentagon and industry officials.
Such a dramatic cut in the amount of time to get a DNA sample has huge ramifications for law enforcement, war crimes investigations and immigration, said Chris Asplen, the executive director of the Global Alliance for Rapid DNA Testing.