Sherlock Holmes’ influence on real-life crime solving

LocardBefore there was a Quincy M.E, a CSI, or a Bones, there was a fictional character, who set the standard for all those forensic heroes to follow: Sherlock Holmes.
With his eccentric mumblings, omnipresent magnifying glass and deerstalker hat, it was Holmes who actually led the way to modern crime investigation.
How he did that will be the subject of PBS’ two-hour special, How Sherlock Holmes Changed the World, airing December 17.
…It was a French fan of Holmes, scientist Edmond Locard, who built the first real forensic lab in 1910. Locard reserved mineral, hair, fiber and soil samples and studied everything under the microscope. He devised what is known as the “exchange principle,” which states that when two things come into contact with each other they each leave a trace on the other…