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Were Viking Slaves Buried with Owners?

Viking slavesHeadless Viking bodies discovered buried in graves were likely slaves killed to be with their owners, archaeologists say. The mistreatment of the bodies, DNA results and an analysis of profound dietary differences led scientists to believe that the headless bodies were slaves who met premature ends to be interred with their masters.

Pakistani Clerics Reportedly Reverse Course On DNA Evidence In Rape Cases

PakistanRape cases are notoriously hard to prosecute in Pakistan. Under current law, victims must produce four witnesses — all male, adult, and pious — to bring rape allegations to trial. Forensic evidence, such as DNA samples, is considered only circumstantial.

Welsh police take DNA samples from more than 5,500 children

A one-year-old baby is among thousands of children who have had their DNA taken by police officers in Wales.DNA sequence examined under a magnifying glassA total of 5,561 kids were swabbed by Wales’ four forces as part of their investigations since 2010.

Migrants’ DNA could help ID missing Guatemalans

DNA Image1ANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Aracely Garrido returned to her native Guatemala last month to bury one of 13 family members who disappeared during the country’s decades-long civil war and was identified years later through DNA from surviving relatives.