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Debbie Smith met with TX US Senator John Cornyn to discuss Debbie Smith Act

RobandDebbieWASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) today met with crime victims’ advocate and rape survivor Debbie Smith and her husband Rob and discussed implementation of the SAFER Act and further ways to protect the rights of victims of violent crimes.

Aarushui murder case: Defence witness favours LCN DNA test on exhibits

aarushuiGHAZIABAD: On the last day of his cross-examination, a London-based DNA expert who is also a defence witness in Aarushi murder case, today favoured Low Copy Number (LCN) DNA test on exhibits seized by Noida Police and CBI during the investigation.

Utah Authorities Say DNA Helped Solve 1995 Murder

Scales of JusticeA Utah sheriff traveled to Florida and helped arrest a man in an 18-year-old murder case after authorities say they used DNA from a cigarette butt to link him to the crime.

Marshall University Forensic Science Center staff and students receive glimpse into the future of rapid DNA analysis biometrics technology

Helix6HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Marshall University Forensic Science graduate students and DNA analysts saw first-hand their DNA profiles being generated in under 90 minutes using rapid DNA analysis, an emerging biometrics technology that may revolutionize how certain crimes are solved.

Sam Houston State University Receives Grant to Research Quicker Identification of Mass Disaster Victims

Taiwan EarthquakeSam Houston State University‘s Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility has received a National Institute of Justice grant to further research in genotyping in conditions related to natural and manmade disasters. Whether a mass disaster is a result of humans, such as in war, or is a result of a natural force of nature, such as a hurricane or other natural cause, the chaos and disorder in the wake of human disasters often leads to a slow identification of victims. In many cases, a disaster area can be hot, humid, without water or electricity, and can delay the ability to obtain readable DNA, which is necessary for identifying victims.

ID of bodies found in Okla. lake may take years

Blue and white helixFOSS, Okla. (AP) — Skeletal remains found inside two vehicles that were pulled from an Oklahoma lake may take years to identify, if they are identifiable at all, depending on DNA samples investigators can recover from bones that may have been submerged for decades, authorities said Thursday.

Ministry to set up DNA database

DNA DatabaseQatar-The Interior Ministry will set up a DNA database (bank) under the Department of Forensic Laboratory to store samples.