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What the Supreme Court Hasn’t Told You About DNA Databases

profilesindna_frIn this article David Kaye, a professor at The Pennsylvania State University School of Law, discusses the recent US Supreme Court ruling in the case of Maryland versus King, where the constitutionality of DNA collection before conviction was challenged.

New Grant to Aid in DNA Analysis

DNA Helix1A new, $379,379 federal grant will help the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department expedite its DNA crime analysis.

New DNA database will have profiles of 1,000 sex offenders

DNA dataTHE new DNA database will contain profiles of over 1,000 sex offenders.
It will allow the Gardai to match a DNA profile from a persona to an unidentified DNA crime scene profile – and also to quickly eliminate other suspects.

State Crime Lab Backups Causing Local Issues

AnalystState College-Center County- Imagine being the victim of a violent crime and the criminal is still out on the streets, all because DNA results aren’t back from the crime lab.

Fort Worth DNA expert has strong link to 9-11

911FORT WORTH — When she watched on television as the second plane flew into the World Trade Center, Rhonda Roby didn’t immediately realize how quickly her life was going to change.

Introducing Bode LeanLab – Lean Six Sigma Consulting for Forensic Laboratories Reduce Turnaround Time and Eliminate Backlogs

BodeTechnology LAbLORTON, Va., Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Bode Technology Group, Inc. (Bode), a leading provider of forensic DNA solutions announced today the launch of the Bode LeanLab™ service in collaboration with Dirk Hooiman International (DHI). Bode LeanLab utilizes technical and operational Lean Six Sigma approaches to improve efficiency, increase throughput, and streamline resources for forensic laboratories worldwide.