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New Evidence: When Did Humanity’s Last Common Male And Female Ancestors Live?

sardinian-fishingHundreds of thousands of years ago—when people still lived in small hunter-gatherer bands, when it’s not even clear they were totally anatomically modern (though they probably were)—something happened in the human genome.
Somewhere in Africa, a man carried a Y chromosome that would turn out to be the only surviving Y chromosome in humans today. This man lived around plenty of other people, perhaps with their own Y chromosomes, but chance whittled away his peers’ contributions until only his was left.

GeneMarker® HID Expert System Human Identification Software with Linked Post-Identification Database Search, Kinship, and DNA Mixture Applications

Promega DNA WebinarGeneMarker HID is expert system human identity software which provides a documented analysis time reduction of up to 40%. The program contains a streamlined analysis workflow to determine STR profiles and linked database search capabilities, kinship, paternity and mixture analysis applications. GeneMarker HID is compatible with commonly used human identification chemistries, major capillary electrophoresis and rapid forensic DNA instruments.
For those of you who missed our free webinar, download a pdf of the presentation slides.

Ohio crime lab gets about 3,300 untested rape kits

unique strandCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The state attorney general’s office has received nearly 3,300 untested rape kits from Ohio law enforcement agencies and found hundreds of matches in testing those kits for DNA.

How Big Is The DNA Backlog?

dnaintesttubeState and local crime labs have received almost $700 million in federal grants over the past five years to reduce DNA testing backlogs, but it’s not clear how many cases they actually cleared, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.