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Court appears conflicted over DNA sampling issue

AlitoWASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday struggled with what one of the justices called its most important criminal procedure case in decades, whether to let police take DNA without a warrant from those arrested in hopes of using it to solve old cases.

High court’s DNA case pits crime solving vs. privacy

GavelKatie Sepich was raped, murdered and set on fire nearly a decade ago, and her parents’ campaign for justice has reached the Supreme Court. So, too, have the privacy concerns raised by DNA collection.
…On Tuesday, those stories and others will resonate inside the Supreme Court, where the justices will be asked to rule on the use of DNA in law enforcement. At stake is the widespread police practice of taking DNA samples from people arrested but not yet convicted of serious crimes — a practice fueled in part by the persistent advocacy of Katie Sepich’s parents…