Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Utah crime lab struggles to keep up with explosion of evidence

DNA6Investigators were confident the touch DNA they brought to Utah’s crime lab a couple years ago would confirm they had the right suspect. But an analysis pointed to someone else, according to lab director Jay Henry.
In fact, the lab clears about a third of the people initially suspected of a crime, Henry said. But funding constraints have reduced the lab staff over the past few years, creating long delays in the kind of analysis that cleared the innocent man. Now the lab is asking legislators for two more DNA analysts to handle the mounting evidence and help mend a lab still limping from a “brain drain” it has experienced for years.

Hampden District Attorney Mark Mastroianni creates DNA unit to expedite evidence processing

DNA Helix1SPRINGFIELD — A new DNA unit organized by Hampden District Attorney Mark G. Mastroianni is aimed at getting the best forensic evidence tested and processed in as short a time as possible for his prosecutors to try their cases.

Using science to name John Doe

Death at Unami Gun ClubThree unidentified bodies in Lehigh County put authorities to the forensic test.

Faroes’ 50,000 Residents Leap Into DNA Testing Quagmire

TorshavnThe Faroe Islands, a tiny, windswept land halfway between Scotland and Iceland, is so barren its 50,000 inhabitants import almost everything except fish and sheep. Now it wants to leap to the frontier of genetic medicine.

Police say new chemists can eliminate forensic lab backlog

dna-profilingThe chief forensics officer at the Austin Police Department’s crime lab said funding for three new forensic chemists will enable the department to eliminate a backlog of samples that is causing unprecedented delays in resolving criminal cases.