Daily Archives: February 8, 2013

Burlington lab will start processing local DNA

Model of a DNA MoleculeGREENSBORO — The police department and other area law enforcement agencies are about to build a regional DNA database with the help of a privately owned Burlington lab company.

Bill Ackman donates record 1M to Innocence Project

dna_justiceThe Innocence Project received a $1 million donation—its largest ever—from the Pershing Square Foundation. The money will help the Innocence Project expand its core mission of exonerating wrongly convicted people through DNA evidence by funding efforts to change some of the police practices that can lead to unjust verdicts.

DNA crime-fighting in UK ‘lagging behind’, experts say

MicrotubeDNACross-border co-operation on terrorism and crime will be compromised unless the UK updates the technology it uses for DNA profiling, experts have warned.
The country where the technique was developed now lags behind almost all European countries, which use newer processes to handle crime samples.