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Cold Cases Of The Mansfield Police Department

Tony Tambasco…A relatively new technology to law enforcement however, has been producing leads and arrests for Wendling and the rest of the police department for a number of years now. Chemist Tony Tambasco is a forensic specialist in Mansfield, who is considered one of the best at his craft in the entire country…

Scratching an itch

Abraham LincolnJames Cornelius, curator for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, said the question of conducting DNA tests on the hat comes up regularly. He said the museum has checked the hat for hair and found none, but he wasn’t aware that dandruff contains DNA. Cornelius noted that there has not been a DNA profile developed for Lincoln, so there would be nothing to compare a sample with even if DNA were found in the hat. He added that the museum is concerned that the hat could be damaged by testing.