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Forensic lab opened amid crunch

…Laboratory director A K Bapuly said it was a dream come true as the lab’s infrastructure and space was world class. “Many of our neighbouring states like UP, Bihar, Uttrakhand don’t have a DNA profiling unit which the lab has…

Monroe County to make crime lab presentation Tuesday

Monroe Cty Crime LabNew York
Spurred by a controversy earlier this year that led to the ouster of the county crime lab director, Monroe County and law enforcement officials are collaborating on how best to prioritize forensics testing at the lab.

Lyric and Elizabeth Update: Finding Evidence Will Be Tough

DNA4Iowa Forensic expert Steve Martin believes finding DNA evidence of the person/s responsible for the deaths of Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins will be difficult. “I would say that chance of finding that type of evidence is very small just because it’s so fragile, but I would never say that it’s impossible because we can do some amazing things with forensics these days,” he said.