Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Palm Bay police land new, faster DNA analysis equipment

Palm BayPalm Bay police have obtained new equipment that could generate DNA results in criminal cases in less than two hours — a development that could change the way crime scene investigations and even interrogations are handled.

PowerPlex® Fusion: An Expanded STR Multiplex for New Global Standards, a Free Webinar

Fusion Webinar As DNA databases continue to grow and international cooperation increases, the need for a common set of markers is required to facilitate data sharing and to help reduce adventitious matches.

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Ohio justices: DNA proof must be kept

Evidence and DNAOhio law-enforcement agencies must retain all biological evidence in rape and murder cases, the state Supreme Court ruled yesterday.
Justices said agencies and crime labs that wanted to be able to toss everything from all cases except those begun after a 2010 law took effect are wrong.

DNA testing frees man who lived on death row for 15 years

Damon ThibodeauxEvery morning Damon Thibodeaux wakes up in his temporary digs in Minneapolis and wonders when his newfound freedom is going to come crashing down. “You think you’re going to wake up and find it was just a dream,” he says.