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State AG wants more funding for DNA database

JohnZakowskiMADISON, Wis. (WSAU) – Wisconsin’s attorney general wants 10-million dollars from other state agencies – so police can take D-N-A samples from criminal suspects, and provide more services to victims of sexual assaults.

OTannenbaum: Huge DNA code of the Christmas tree beginning to yield its secrets

Christmas Tree DNANEW YORK – To millions of people, the Christmas tree is a cheerful sight. To scientists who decipher the DNA codes of plants and animals, it’s a monster.
We’re talking about the conifer, the term for cone-bearing trees like the spruce, fir, pine, cypress and cedar. Apart from their holiday popularity, they play big roles in the lumber industry and in healthy forest ecosystems.

Review of FBI forensics does not extend to federally trained state, local examiners

GavelDNAThousands of criminal cases at the state and local level may have relied on exaggerated testimony or false forensic evidence to convict defendants of murder, rape and other felonies.
The forensic experts in these cases were trained by the same elite FBI team whose members gave misleading court testimony about hair matches and later taught the local examiners to follow the same suspect practices, according to interviews and documents.

Labor shortage at Washington State Patrol crime labs

Scientist Viewing DNA SequencingKING 5 News has learned of what could be serious staffing shortages at the Washington State Patrol’s six crime labs.
There’s a shortage of forensic scientists who perform DNA tests at the State Patrol’s six crime labs across Washington.

Va names new forensic science director

Blue HelixRICHMOND, Va. (AP) Gov. Bob McDonnell has named a successor for retiring Department of Forensic Science Director Peter Marone.

China’s stolen kids

China's search for missing childrenSince July, Xiao Chaohua, 37, has been driving a minivan covered with pictures of kidnapped children through a dozen of regions in China, accompanied by several other parents. When they stop, they hand out posters of over 200 missing children.

Peoria county judge will hear motion for DNA testing in Savory case

dna_justiceLast month, Savory’s legal team filed a motion requesting DNA testing on five pieces of evidence in the January 1977 murder case.

TN Supreme Court upholds conviction of ‘Wooded Rapist’

Court Brudick was convicted of attempted aggravated rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. Nearly two decades ago, he raped multiple women.

DNA Bill expected next month

Jamaica- DNA 3DThe revised draft of the DNA Bill should be among the first pieces of legislation ready for tabling when Parliament resumes next month.

20th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh’s throat was cut during royal coup

Ramses IIILondon, December 18 (ANI): Conspirators murdered Egyptian King Ramesses III – the second Pharaoh of the 20th dynasty- by cutting his throat, a detailed analysis of mummies has concluded.
Ramesses III is believed to have reigned from 1186 to 1155 BC. The discovery of papyrus trial documents show that in 1155 BC members of his harem made an attempt on his life as part of a palace coup.

Kansas exhumes bodies of “In cold Blood” killers to collect DNA evidence for old Florida case

Smith and HickockKansas officials have exhumed the bodies of two men executed for the 1959 slayings of a Kansas family made infamous in Truman Capote’s nonfiction novel, “In Cold Blood.”

Forthcoming Funding Opportunities

Justice DeptThis preliminary list of solicitations will change over the coming weeks. When the solicitation is released, it will contain the name and contact information of the person managing the solicitation

Five jailed after gang stole 70 tonnes of lead from Lincolnshire churches

Church roof…‘Smart water’ on the lead in the car identified it from a county church. The rest of the gang were identified through mobile phone records, scrap metal records, scientific evidence including ‘smart water’ from the metal and DNA from cigarette butts left on one of the church roofs…

International Symposium on Human Identification Conference Proceedings

ISHI Image
Proceedings from ISHI 2012 are now posted!

APD crime lab to process Hays Co. cases

Cyan HelixAUSTIN (KXAN) – Despite a backlog of cases, the Austin Police Department forensic lab will begin testing cases from Hays County.