Daily Archives: November 17, 2012

Professor Ross Vining, chief of Forensic Science SA, killed in light plane crash in Queensland

THE state’s top forensic scientist, Ross Vining, was driving the cold-case review of hundreds of DNA crime scene samples before his death in a seaplane crash in Queensland on Thursday.

DNA leads to arrest in 1988 Buena Park killing

BUENA PARK — A man has been arrested after police say DNA linked him to the sexual assault and killing of a young woman more than two decades ago.

Crime detection in Dubai

Dubai: There’s never a dull moment for those working behind the scenes at one of Dubai’s foremost crime-fighting establishments. In the first six months of this year alone, the Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology delved into 8,817 cases of the highest importance, collecting the tiniest clues that could make or break a case when it lands in court.

College Near Northeast Iowa Uses ‘Forensics House’ to Teach CSI

PLATTEVILLE, Wisc. – Tucked away 30 miles north of Dubuque, there’s a small white house surrounded by fields and farmland. Inside the home, a horrific unsolved crime is about to be re-lived by a group of about 15 college students.