Daily Archives: November 13, 2012

Forensic backlog weighs down cases

Police are pegging their hopes on forensic reports to help unravel the mystery around the death of model-actress Bidushi Dash Barde and to reinforce the probes in the Bandra rape-robbery and Worli chemical attack cases. Their hope is mingled with the fear that, as in the past, a heavy backlog at the sole state-run forensic lab in Mumbai may impede their investigations.

DNA sample helps find alleged axe robber

Police have used DNA technology to charge a man with using an axe to assault a service station attendent during an armed robbery in Kelmscott nine years ago.

Twists in the Tale of the Great DNA Discovery

New York Times Books on Science
Anyone seeking to understand modern biology and genomics could do much worse than start with the discovery of the structure of DNA, on which almost everything else is based. The classic account of the discovery, “The Double Helix,” by James D. Watson, was first published in 1968 and has now been reissued in an annotated and illustrated edition.

Supreme Court to Argue DNA Collection by Officers

On Friday, an announcement was made by the Supreme Court that it is going to determine the legality of police officers being able to obtain DNA samples from suspects they arrest. The ruling could have implications across the country on privacy versus public safety, according to the Washington Post.

ABC15 investigation uncovers thousands rape kits left untested by Valley law enforcement

PHOENIX – At police departments across the Valley, the ABC15 Investigators have discovered there are thousands of rape cases with DNA that has never been tested.
Experts say it’s critical evidence that has been ignored, leaving suspected rapists on the street and victims without answers.