Daily Archives: October 18, 2012

As Georgia Innocence Project turns ten, DNA advances lead to exonerations

All it takes is a touch. Tiny bits of DNA attach to cell phones, clothes, door knobs, and other surfaces, leaving a trace of the culprit at a crime scene. The data in that DNA could point to a killer–or could set someone free.

Presentations at a Major International Forensics Meeting Highlight the Ability of Pressure BioSciences’ Patented PCT Platform to Improve DNA Detection in Important Forensic Samples

Results Suggest PCT Could Become a Viable Method to Enhance DNA Recovery from Forensic Samples, Leading to More Solved Cases; Company to Accelerate Development of Commercial PCT-based Instruments and Consumables for Forensic DNA Testing Use

Police use DNA to identify body of mystery ‘man with no name’

The mystery of a ‘man with no name’ whose body washed up on an isolated beach almost 25 years ago has at last been solved thanks to advances in forensic science.

Pentagon to test Rapid DNA biometric technology

Starting next January, the University of North Texas will conduct Rapid DNA tests on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Mexico to exhume remains of slain Zetas chief’s parents for DNA

(Reuters) – Mexico said on Wednesday it will exhume the remains of the parents of slain kingpin Heriberto Lazcano to obtain genetic material and put an end to rumors the Zetas cartel is not dead after authorities lost his corpse.

Genome Hunters Go After Martian DNA

J. Craig Venter may have just started a race to discover alien life on the Red Planet.