Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

DNA clues the state’s biggest crimebusters

DNA technology now plays a key role in more than half of arrests and reports from crime scenes, as the number of people on the database grows.

Turning Crime-solving Into A Precise Science

In Forensics on Trial, NOVA investigates how modern forensics, including the analysis of fingerprints, bite marks, ballistics, hair, and tool marks, can send innocent men and women to prison—and sometimes even to death row.

IntegenX RapidHIT 200 Makes its Official US Launch

“Police and forensics labs will be able to get standard DNA profiles from just a cheek swab, in less than 90 minutes,” IntegenX CEO, Stevan Jovanovich said at a press conference formalizing the U.S. launch of the RapidHIT 200.

Marshall, West Virginia State Police partnership recognized

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall University and the West Virginia State Police are being recognized for their collaborative work on digital forensics, DNA testing and investigations.

DNA will play pivotal role in Ridgeway case

DENVER – DNA evidence will almost certainly play a pivotal role in the ongoing investigation into the murder of Jessica Ridgeway, but a noted DNA expert cautions it can also potentially lead investigators down a rabbit hole.