Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

Judge rules DNA evidence admissible in Royal Oak murder trial

Oakland County Circuit Judge Colleen O’Brien has ruled that DNA evidence will be admissible in a murder trial against a man accused of brutally killing an elderly Royal Oak woman in her home last year.
Attorneys for Alan Wood, 48, filed a motion seeking to prevent Y-STR DNA evidence from being used at trial.

Research Team Develops Single-Crystal Pump for Miniaturized DNA Forensics

Newswise — A Boise State University research team has developed a new type of micro pump that can be used in forensic DNA profiling. Their results are being published in the journal Smart Materials and Structures this month.

Feds pilot ‘rapid DNA’ to potentially identify casualties, immigrants

The Pentagon in January will start testing portable DNA analysis equipment intended to identify individuals within an hour, federal research documents show. If successful, government agencies could use the technology to detect border trespassers and enemy combatants, according to the documents.

New DNA hunt for killer of Dutch schoolgirl

DUTCH police have carried out the biggest DNA sweep in the history of the Netherlands, taking samples from more than 6,500 men in 12 separate villages, in a renewed attempt to solve the country’s most infamous murder – that of 16-year-old schoolgirl Marianne Vaatstra, in 1999.

LODIS Update: DNA Database Gets Three More ‘Hits’ for Branford Police

The department has now had a total of four positive matches of suspects’ samples since it implemented the program — the first of its kind in the state.