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More 9/11 remains identified in DNA database

The massive DNA database compiled after the World Trade Center terror attacks has linked 261 more body parts to its existing profile of victims since February, officials with the New York Medical Examiners office said Wednesday.

DNA testing lab Alpha introduces next day paternity testing service

A DNA testing laboratory that started in Liverpool eight years ago is offering the UK’s first next day paternity results service, which it says will attract strong international interest.

Forensic DNA Unit Efficiency Improvement

Enhanced DNA laboratory capacity is critical to the ability of crime laboratories to meet the increased demand for DNA testing. Under the Forensic DNA Unit Efficiency Improvement Program, NIJ funded novel and innovative ways to improve the efficiency and capacity of public forensic DNA laboratories by developing and adopting an improved laboratory process. Some DNA Unit Efficiency projects produced gains in efficiency, capacity and overall process that could be useful to other laboratories experiencing similar problems. Visit the updated DNA Efficiency Improvement link to explore some projects from this program that yielded noteworthy results.

Could better DNA testing facilities in India have saved the Talwars?

India Over the last decade, the use of DNA tests to solve crimes has seen a significant rise in crime investigation in India. But forensic experts warn that the absence of standard practices, quality checks and regulation has resulted in irresponsible and inaccurate application of the technology.

US panel urges end to secret DNA testing over privacy concerns

They’re called discreet DNA samples, and the Elk Grove, California, genetic-testing company easyDNA says it can handle many kinds, from toothpicks to tampons.

Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab Records 200th CODIS Hit

Lincoln, Neb. — The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Crime Laboratory has recorded its 200th match through the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). The 200th hit, involved DNA from a Lincoln burglary case.

Identigene DNA Paternity Test Now Offers Option for Rush 1-Day Lab Processing

When you need answers to potentially life-changing questions, the ticking of the clock seems especially loud. Identigene, maker of the only DNA paternity test available in retail stores, now offers customers the option of 1-day rush processing. The kit can be purchased at nearly 25,000 chain drug stores and supercenters across the country. The cost for 1-day rush processing is $99.

CMPD Sex Assault Cold Case Unit solves cases as new staff gets to work

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One year ago Wednesday, the Charlotte City Council awarded Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department a nearly half-million-dollar grant to help the department’s Sex Assault Cold Case Unit.

New Jersey Considers Bill to Expand DNA Sampling to Minor Criminals

Under legislation currently pending in New Jersey, shoplifters, trespassers, and other minor criminals could soon be forced to provide DNA samples as part of their convictions.

DNA’s half-life identified using fossil bones

From the New Scientist
We are used to radioactive substances having a half-life, but DNA? Now a study of bones from extinct birds suggests the double helix too has a measurable half-life – and that we have underestimated its ability to survive in the fossil record.

Development of an Expert System for Automated Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Data Analysis

Authors: Rhonda K. Roby Ph.D., MPH; Nicole R. Phillips M.S.; Jennifer L. Thomas M.S.; Marc L. Sprouse
Through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, NIJ has made this report available.
This report is the result of NIJ-funded projects but was not published by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Years After Crimes, DNA Cracks Cab Driver Assault Cases

New Jersey
Jason Handy of Blackwood pleaded guilty Oct. 10 to assaulting two women at knifepoint in 2006. DNA tested years later linked him to the cimes.

Mixed Victim Remains Being Tested In Missing Person Cold Case

LINDEN (CBS13) – There are two bombshells in the Speed Freak Killers case.
The remains of a murder victim were returned to her mother after they were mixed up with other remains. Among them are bones possibly belonging to 9-year-old Michaela Garecht, who disappeared 24 years ago.