Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

3 Charged in NJ as ‘Baby Bones’ Victim Identified

New Jersey police identified a child whose skeletal remains were found in 2005 and charged three people, including her aunt and uncle, with covering up her death.

Cold cases heat up through Livermore approach to identifying remains

In an effort to identify the thousands of John/Jane Doe cold cases in the United States, a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researcher and a team of international collaborators have found a multidisciplinary approach to identifying the remains of missing persons.
Using “bomb pulse” radiocarbon analysis developed at Lawrence Livermore, combined with recently developed anthropological analysis and forensic DNA techniques, the researchers were able to identify the remains of a missing child 41 years after the discovery of the body.

Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program Exonerations

The Justice for All Act of 2004 authorized the establishment of the Kirk Bloodsworth Postconviction DNA Testing Grant Program. The program provides funding to states to help defray the costs associated with postconviction DNA testing.[1] States may use funds in cases that involve violent felony offenses (as defined by state law) in which actual innocence might be demonstrated. Funds may be used to review such postconviction cases and to locate and analyze biological evidence associated with these cases.