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Man sues to use DNA to qualify for Hawaiian homelands program

The Associated Press – A Molokai man has filed a lawsuit seeking to use DNA to prove his ancestry so he can qualify for the Hawaiian homelands program, which leases land at almost no cost to Native Hawaiians.

Was Madagascar Settled by a Tiny Group of Refugees From Distant Lands?

Discover Magazine
A.D. 830: A storm sends an Indonesian trading ship drastically off course. Months later, dozens of ragged survivors make landfall on an island off the southeast coast of Africa, more than 3,000 miles from home. Today, Murray Cox, a computational biologist at New Zealand’s Massey University, says a scenario like this may describe the murky origins of the first permanent settlements on Madagascar, home to about 22 million people today.

What if all law enforcement agencies could do instant DNA analysis?

What would happen if everyone could do DNA analysis within minutes using a simple computerized box that accepted a person’s cell samples on a swab and spit out the answer about a person’s genetic identity automatically?

Rapid DNA Forensic Testing Systems from IntegenX, NetBio/GE Healthcare Hit Market

Rapid DNA testing may soon be the industry standard in law enforcement and human identification as a pair of commercial automated sample-to-answer DNA analysis systems launched this week.