Daily Archives: September 29, 2012

Oldest DNA Match in History Links Dead American Convict to Highway of Tears Victim

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have linked the DNA of a deceased American convict who had a history of violent offences against women to at least one victim from British Columbia’s notorious Highway of Tears.

Government bill aims to build pool of DNA samples of ‘offenders’; experts fear possible misuse

NEW DELHI: The government plans to introduce a bill in Parliament that aims to create a pool of “DNA profiles” of “offenders” as part of efforts to make crime detection more effective in the country. However, many experts warn of likely misuse of such sweeping powers.

Police use new powers to store DNA

Police forces are to add the profiles of thousands of criminals to a DNA database with the aim solving more crimes, it has been reported. But campaigners are confused as to why scare resources are being spent on the activity.

Bill May Eliminate Rape Kit Backlog

A Fort Worth, Texas science center may play a major role in reducing the huge backlog of untested rape kits across the country.

Louisiana death row inmate 300th prisoner freed by DNA evidence

A Louisiana man was released from death row on Friday after serving 15 years for a crime that DNA evidence shows he did not commit.
Damon Thibodeaux, 38, was the 300th prisoner nationwide to see his conviction overturned based on DNA evidence, according to lawyers who represented him from the New York-based Innocence Project. He was the 18th death row prisoner freed based on such evidence.