Daily Archives: September 22, 2012

Questions About Old Blood May Have Implications For DNA

Harris County says it is running out of room to store blood in closed investigations. The district attorney is asking the attorney general to order the courts to allow destruction of old evidence. Some worry that could set a dangerous precedent.

New DNA study shows humankind’s complex origins in Africa

The Khoe and San peoples in southern Africa play an important role for our understanding of the evolutionary history of humans.
These peoples are directly descended from the first branching of the genealogical tree of today’s humans. This is shown in a study led by Uppsala University researchers and being presented in the early online version of the journal Science today.
The study is based on an analysis of 2.3 million genetic variants from seven groups of the click-speaking Khoe and San peoples, a total of 220 individuals from southern Africa. The analysis is the largest genetic study ever of the Khoe and San peoples.

Nebraska judge awards $800,000 to 2 people wrongly convicted of 1985 Beatrice murder, rape

OMAHA, Neb. — A judge has awarded $800,000 to two people wrongly convicted in the 1985 killing of a Beatrice woman.
Ada JoAnn Taylor and James Dean sued the state for $500,000 each, saying they were wrongfully convicted in the rape and murder of Helen Wilson in 1985. Four others, collectively known as the Beatrice Six, were pardoned in 2009 after DNA evidence exonerated them.