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UNT Human ID Center on the cusp of revolutionizing sexual assault investigations

DENTON — On August 25, 1963, Hillsboro police officers knocked on the door of the Glaze residence to inform Sylvan and Zeola that their 35-year-old son Kenneth was missing.
Officials at the time found Kenneth Glaze’s abandoned car days later, but identified the remains found in the vehicle as female. It appeared Glaze had disappeared from the face of the Earth.
In 2005, the Center for Human Identification at the UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth – with cooperation from the Fort Worth Police Department and Tarrant County Medical Examiner – conducted a DNA analysis on a remaining tooth found in Glaze’s car.

Expanding DNA collection comes at cost to taxpayer

Harrisburg — Collecting DNA from people who are arrested may seem like a panacea for crime.
Police can build and tap into an expanding database to find out if a person has committed a previous offense, which he has eluded, and increase conviction rates.
But Pennsylvania State Police say such a proposal would increase the state’s DNA lab’s caseload nearly five times over.

California’s DNA law probed by judges

Federal appeals court judges aimed tough questions Wednesday at a state lawyer defending California’s voter-approved requirement that police take DNA samples of anyone arrested on suspicion of committing a felony.