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Bridging Databases for Today and Tomorrow: The PowerPlex® Fusion System

From Profiles in DNA
“STR technology has become globally established as the foundation to human identification, and although STR technology is used universally, each region of the world has adopted distinct sets of loci to differentiate resident ethnic groups. As the world becomes increasingly connected, authorities have begun to see the benefit of a larger combined panel of loci for sharing across borders and improved discrimination. An STR system that includes loci commonly used throughout the world would build more inclusive databases and, thus, allow more profile information to be exchanged. Additionally, existing databases with millions of previously collected profiles would not be sacrificed but instead would be used as a foundation…”

Cornyn Pushes Bill To Eliminate Rape Kit Backlog

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A Fort Worth science center may play a major role in reducing the huge backlog of untested rape kits across the country… that is if legislation introduced by a Texas senator is approved.

3 compensated under Fla. wrongful conviction law

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Only three wrongfully convicted people have received compensation totaling $3.2 million under a Florida law passed four years ago, and an advocate said Tuesday that it’s unlikely many more will be paid.

DNA paternity, profiling, banking advocated in Nigeria

September 17, 2012 –
In Nigeria, men are encouraged to take a DNA paternity test to ensure they are the rightful father of their child and safeguard that information for future use.

Police order thousands of DNA samples from ex-convicts in Greater Manchester

Police are ordering 2,000 ex-convicts in Greater Manchester to provide a sample of DNA in a controversial crackdown on crime.
Officers have knocked on more than 500 doors this week to ‘harvest’ mouth swabs from offenders who committed serious crimes up to 40 years ago.