Daily Archives: September 1, 2012

Rape Defendants Granted Re-Testing Of DNA To Prove Innocence

WACO (August 31, 2012)—Retired district Judge George Allen granted a request Friday afternoon to re-test DNA in connection with a 1992 rape and murder case that could prove the innocence of four men convicted on the crime.

Genome of Denisovan cave girl sheds light on human ancestry

A replica of the tiny finger bone used to sequence the genome of a Denisovan girl placed on the hand of a modern-day human. Researchers extracted the genome using a technique that turns a single strand of DNA into a double strand, boosting the amount of sample material. The bone they used is between 74,000 and 82,000 years old. (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology/Science)

Unmarked and mass graves

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir government has said that the DNA profiling of al-least 2156 bodies in unmarked graves at 38 sites across north Kashmir will take years, citing huge requirement of resources including forensic facilities and economic cost for not undertaking the exercise.