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“Keep the Home Fires Burning” at the 23rd International Symposium on Human Identification

Forensic Analyst Kimberly Rumrill will present an interesting case entitled, “Keep the Home Fires Burning” at the 23rd International Symposium on Human Identification. Ms. Rumrill will describe her experience working the Sheila LaBarre case and the unique challenges it presented. The 23 ISHI October 15-18 will feature presentations by leading forensic scientists and more than 100 scientific posters. Find out more at www.ishinews.com

Excerpt “My first encounter with the grizzly scene was on April 6, 2006. My laboratory vehicle was stocked with photography equipment and serology processing supplies that vibrated as I headed down the long dirt driveway to the quiet farm. The fields had clusters of officers combing the grounds with metal detectors and cadaver dogs looking for evidence that might reveal where Ken Counitie’s body parts might be found. Large domestic rabbits hopped freely in the yard.
A detective lead me into the house and pointed out rooms where he wanted me to document bloodstain patterns including the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom on the first floor. Two bedrooms and one bathroom on the second floor were also on the “To-do” list. I started my serology and BSPA analysis in the living room. The windows were covered with blankets giving the dark knotty pine paneled room a cave-like feel. The detective brought in industrial construction grade floor lamps. I was enclosed in my own personal white Tyvek sauna, roasting like a marshmallow over the heat of the lamps. Initial observations revealed a large bed-size void in the dust on the braided carpet and wooden floor.”

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