Daily Archives: June 27, 2012

Russian Interior Ministry to Co-Finance Creation of DNA Database

The Ministry of the Interior is buying equipment to create a DNA database based on the one in the U.K.
President Putin has approved amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code stipulating DNA testing of all unidentified bodies, with the results to be registered in a database of genomic information. This is expected to significantly increase the crime clearance rate. The Interior Ministry, which initiated the above amendments, is willing to invest 1 billion rubles ($30 million) in DNA analysis equipment.

Thermal Gradient Manufacturing New DNA Testing Device

Thermal Gradient Inc, a developer of disposable DNA testing devices, has initiated the manufacture of its next generation device.

IntegenX Unveils RapidHIT Human Identification System to U.K. Forensic Community

IntegenX Inc., a privately held company and leading developer of rapid human DNA identification technology, DNA sequencing library preparation systems, and DNA/RNA room temperature stability and storage products, today announced the unveiling of its RapidHIT™ Human Identification System at the new Key Forensics Services Ltd (KFS) facility in Warrington, United Kingdom. KFS is one of the early access sites for the new system and will be the first to provide Rapid DNA identification capabilities to U.K. law enforcement organizations.