Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Harlow man convicted of rape 14 years ago following family DNA link

A Harlow man is today started an eight and a half year prison sentence after being convicted of raping a teenage girl as she walked through woodlands in the town 14 years ago.
Jon Molt, 34, of Rushes Mead, was convicted through “Familial DNA” screening during a cold-case review of the attack, which took place in Ten Metre Wood in December 1997.

Gilbert to use Mesa PD lab for faster crime scene results

Gilbert, like most communities of its size, doesn’t have a crime lab and must rely on other agencies to process everything from DNA in homicide cases to evidence at burglaries. The processing time can be agonizingly slow.

New Director Named For Hennepin Co. Crime Lab

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab – a state-of-the-art forensics laboratory that serves 35 agencies — has a new director, authorities say.

Missing persons issue moving again

A TOTAL of 321 identifications of missing persons in Cyprus have been completed since 2007, out of which 66 were Turkish Cypriots, the Greek Cypriot member of the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) Aristos Aristotelous said yesterday.

Hundreds of homicides unsolved in Bridgeport

…In Bridgeport, the crime scene technicians do the best they can with the tools given to them, police say. But the high-tech gadgets and toys shown on TV crime dramas aren’t typically available because of budget constraints. Adding to the problem is a major backlog at the state’s crime lab, which handles forensic testing for all of Connecticut’s cities and towns…

Derksen killer makes fresh evidence bid

Lawyers for a man found guilty in one of Winnipeg’s most notorious child murders claim to have uncovered compelling new evidence showing bad science and juror bias led to his wrongful conviction.