Daily Archives: June 8, 2012

Argentina would ID ‘unknown’ soldiers in Falklands

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Nelida Montoya is tormented by the image of a faraway tomb on a lonely hillside in the South Atlantic, where instead of the name of her son, a gravestone reads “Argentine soldier known only to God.”

Families protest slow pace of DNA examinations

Some relations of Sunday’s Dana Air plane crash victims have protested the delay in the ongoing DNA process to identify victims.
The forensic examination on the 52 identifiable bodies from the crash, started on Thursday, and by afternoon, only two DNA samples had been taken.

DNA test, police work end mother’s quest for son

For two decades, a forensic anthropologist held out hope for answers about the life behind bones found in a desert.

Investigators find child’s clothes, toy at Etan Patz ‘killer’s’ New Jersey home

New York
NYPD detectives found an old toy and worn clothing that are “age appropriate” for Etan Patz hidden in the New Jersey home of the boy’s confessed killer.