Daily Archives: May 12, 2012

New Application Note on the Differential Lysis to Provide Autosomal DNA Profiles in Forensics

(openPR) – A novel economic and universally applicable approach constitutes the mini spin-column format. Sampletype i-sep® DL has the potential to decrease the forensic DNA analysis backlog of sexual assault cases by circumventing time-consuming conventional differential extraction procedure. Numerous gradual extractions in the same device allow an immunological pre-test using the identical sample. Thus improves all over efficiency and ensures a subsequent differential lysis will be meaningful.

Ancient Migrations Tracked Through DNA

Researchers analyzed mitochondrial DNA from Europeans who belong to two major lineages known to have originated in the Middle East and thought to have migrated to Europe in the Neolithic age, about 9,000 years ago. New analysis shows these genetic groups migrated to Europe much earlier than thought, as the Ice Age drew to a close.

Va. agency to release DNA post-conviction test reports for 78 people in July under FOIA

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia officials plan to release reports on post-conviction testing that excluded the DNA of 78 people convicted of crimes.