Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

Maple Ridge to be hub for regional forensic unit

The RCMP’s forensic unit is expanding its operation in Maple Ridge. The detachment will soon be the regional hub for forensics in the Fraser Valley and house a team of seven officers who are experts in fingerprinting, video and DNA analysis.

Ötzi the 5,300 old ice man has oldest blood cells in the world

The Telegraph
Ötzi was dubbed the “victim of the world’s oldest murder puzzle” after his severely wounded and bruised corpse was discovered by hikers near the Italian-Austrian border in 1991.
Since then scientists have scientists have pored over his clothes, his body and even sequenced his DNA to discover the man’s age, his state of health and even what he ate for his last meal.

15 years after, rape, ‘lost’ case comes to trial

Detroit News
…Fourteen years later — after the millennium, after her 6-year-old son is an adult, after hearing nothing since that night in 1997 — she gets her first call back from authorities. It is February 2011 and a suspect’s DNA matches a sample taken that long-ago night and then sealed in a cardboard box in a Detroit Police Department Crime Lab property room…

Spy’s death may never be solved

The holdall death mystery of MI6 codebreaker Gareth William may never be solved, a coroner has said…
A police investigation which cost millions of pounds has drawn a blank. Pathologists said he would have suffocated within three minutes if he was alive when he got inside the 32ins by 19ins red North Face bag. Poisoning and asphyxiation were the “foremost contenders” in solving the death riddle, they said.

Colo. Exoneration Program to Expand

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Colorado’s Attorney General’s Office says it has been awarded additional funding to expand the program that exonerated Robert Dewey after 17 years in prison.

Applied Markets Focus: IntegenX, Life Technologies, 3M Food Safety, and Neogen

Genome Web
The acquisition gives IntegenX access to SV Corp’s products and intellectual property, which will help IntegenX expand its consumables offering and accelerate commercialization of its RapidHit 200 Human DNA Identification System, IntegenX said.

CSI N.J.: Rutgers-Camden professor aims to solve one of biggest DNA evidence issues

The field of forensic science has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades. CSI and other TV series have helped to popularize the use of DNA samples to catch a suspect. DNA evidence, however, is not as cut and dry as modern television would have us believe.