Daily Archives: April 21, 2012

More Than 400 DNA Hits Helped Solve Cases in 2011

North Carolina
DNA database grows to nearly 220,000 samples with inclusion of certain arrestees.

BCI agent testifies in Wacht trial about finding victim’s head

North Dakota
COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — On the fifth day of the murder trial for Daniel Wacht, a state crime agent described how investigators located the buried severed head of Kurt Johnson — the man Wacht is accused of shooting and decapitating.

Information Forensic Evidence Can Yield After 30 Years

New York
It’s been more than 30 years since Etan Patz disappeared. While law enforcement official dig up a Soho basement in search of clues, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, a forensic scientist at John Jay College Criminal Justice, discusses the likelihood of finding remains at the site and how the FBI — if they find something — will determine whether it belongs to Etan.

Untouched, Thousands Of Rape Kits Await Justice

In 2009, prosecutors in Detroit discovered more than 11,000 boxes of potential evidence in rape cases left completely unprocessed. Row upon row of what are called “rape kits” remained untouched on shelves in a police evidence room for years.