Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Further Expansion of DNA Databank to Include Aggravated Cruelty to Animals

Lentol considers the inclusion of aggravated cruelty to animals in the DNA bill a great victory. Because the crime is part of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, it would not have fallen under the crimes where DNA retrieval was required. However, thanks to Lentol’s efforts, the new law will not only protect future crime victims, but animals as well.

Gale Force Adds Familial Searching To SmallPond DNA Profile Matching System

Police Technology
Gale Force Software Corp. has rolled out enhancements to its SmallPond DNA-profile matching system, including the ability to perform familial searches based on kinship likelihood ratios will enable users of the SmallPond system to search their privately maintained databases for parent/child, full sibling, half-sibling, uncle-niece, cousin and second cousin matches among their stored DNA profiles, according to the company.