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Network Biosystems Begins Phase II SBIR Project for STD Dx; Plans Human ID System Launch this Year

Genome Web
…the company is currently field testing its human forensic ID system — also based on the same technology platform — which it plans to commercially launch later this year, Richard Selden, executive chairman and chief scientific officer of NetBio, told PCR Insider this week…

Supreme Court Will Not Review Ruling Upholding Federal Arrestee DNA Law

Market Watch
This week the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to a federal law requiring DNA collection for criminal arrests occurring under federal authority (US v. Mitchell). In denying the petition for review, the Supreme Court allows the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling to stand in which the court dismissed arguments that the federal law is unconstitutional.

Detectives obtain DNA profiles on eight sets of remains

The King County Sheriff’s Office recently received good news on its efforts to identify the remains of eight individuals who have been long termed “John/Jane Doe” homicide victims, Cindi West, KCSO spokeswoman, said March 19.
Some of those cases are local.
The Bode Technology Group, working under a National Institute of Justice Grant, was able to obtain full DNA profiles on the remains of seven of eight sets of remains sent to them, and a strong partial profile on the eighth set of remains, West said.