Daily Archives: March 15, 2012

Cave Fossil Find: New Human Species or “Nothing Extraordinary”?

National Geographic
A previously unknown type of human—jut-jawed, heavy-browed, deer-eating cave dwellers—may have been identified via Stone Age bones from southern China, according to a controversial new study.

The DNA of Britons could be passed on in EU data-sharing scheme

The Telegraph UK
Police could be required to hand over the DNA of potentially innocent Britons to European countries after the Coalition agreed to enforce a controversial EU treaty.

New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database

New York Times
ALBANY — New York is poised to establish one of the most expansive DNA databases in the nation, requiring people convicted of everything from fare beating to first-degree murder to provide samples of their DNA to the state.

Pressure BioSciences featured on BiotechStockTrader.com

The article detailed the company’s “game-changing” pressure cycling technology (PCT), which uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure to safely and easily control the actions of molecules in the body.

FDLE expands DNA testing

…”You sometimes have people who are arrested for lesser crimes before they actually create or commit the more violent crimes,” said FDLE Chief of forensic services, David Coffman. “So we’re actually trying to collect these people on the front end to hopefully match them to a violent crime when it does occur earlier, rather than later”…

Filings Posted as Parties Try to Settle

Genetic Engineering News
Lawyers for both sides in the Promega et. al. v. Life Technologies et. al. have agreed to postpone post-trial filings from today to next month. The companies are trying to settle their patent infringement case before filings are made, with discussions beginning today.