Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Rutgers-Camden Professor Using Computer Modeling to More Accurately Analyze DNA Evidence

CAMDEN — Move over, David Caruso. Rutgers–Camden has a computer scientist on the case.
For a research project that sounds like it could have been taken from a CSI script, Desmond Lun, an associate professor of computer science at Rutgers–Camden, is working with a team of forensic scientists from Boston University to more accurately analyze DNA evidence at a crime scene.

Scotland Yard reviewing hundreds of unsolved murders

BBC News
Detectives hope that advances in forensic science will help provide them with a breakthrough.
Operation Yetna involves systematically working through files of unsolved murders to see which would benefit from further investigation.

Compensation may increase for wrongly-convicted criminals

MADISON (WSAU) Wrongly-convicted criminals would get a lot more compensation from the state, under a bill that got a public hearing in Madison yesterday. Assembly Democrat Mark Pocan of Madison and Republican Garey Bies of Sister Bay are the main sponsors of a bill to give the exonerated up to $50,000 for every year they’re wrongly imprisoned – and a total maximum would be eliminated.