Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Detroit Rape Kits Found In Storage Facility To Be Reviewed, Tested For Crimes Dating To The 1980s

Huffington Post
DETROIT — More than 1,000 once-forgotten rape kits that were part of a trove found in a Detroit police property storage facility are expected to be reviewed and possibly tested for DNA in crimes dating to the 1980s, a state police official said Wednesday.

Bill allowing DNA collection dies

News Tribune Washington
A plan to start collecting DNA from major felony suspects upon their arrest rather than conviction won’t go anywhere in the Legislature this year after some lawmakers argued it would violate Washington’s strong privacy protections.

Immigration: Tunisia looking for its lost children

DNA and fingerprint experts to arrive in Italy

300 Human Bones Found in Serial Killers’ Lair

ABC News California
More than 300 human bones have been found in a Linden, Calif., mine where “Speed Freak” serial killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog buried victims of their drug-fueled killing spree.