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AAFS 2012 Advance Program

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Last updated on Jan 27, 2012

Evidence On Toilet Paper Roll Puts Murderer Away For Life

LONDON, Ohio – A one in 70 million chance helped put a man accused in a double murder behind bars for life.

DNA database helps provide missing links in unsolved cases

It has the power to help solve rapes, murders and burglaries. And while most people are sleeping, the Combined Offender DNA Index System, or CODIS, works to compare the DNA of unknown suspects to the more than 10 million profiles from across the country already in the system.

DDC, One of the Largest DNA Testing Companies Worldwide, Supports National DNA Testing Standard for Tissue Culture Authentication

The National Standard was developed for a number of reasons, including the fact that tissue cell cultures used in a variety of biomedical research areas are often misidentified