Daily Archives: February 11, 2012

New DNA links used to deny parole

USA Today
State law enforcement officials and crime victims are using DNA evidence that links parole candidates to crimes for which they were never prosecuted in an emerging strategy to block early release from prison.

Governor Quinn breaks ground on $37.8 million state police forensic laboratory in Belleville

Belleville, Ill. — Governor Pat Quinn today was joined by state and local officials to break ground on the $37.8 million State Police Metro-East Forensic Science Laboratory in Belleville, a facility that will provide the Illinois State Police with enhanced crime-solving abilities.

Las Cruces 1990 Bowling Alley Massacre Cold Case: New Technology, New Hope

Detectives Hope To Extract Suspects’ DNA Profiles From Fingerprints

One chilling reason to pass DNA law

Seattle Times
It looks like the savage known as Anthony Casper Dias might be worth something after all.