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Genetic Identity Webinar: Development and Validation of a 21-locus STR Multiplex

Date: Thursday February 2, 2012
Time: 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM (EET: Helsinki, Tallinn)
Time: 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM (CET: Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm)
Time: 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM (WET: London, Lisbon, Dublin)
Time: 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM (EST: New York)
Use the time zone converter to calculate your local time of the webinar

The webinar will approximately take 1 hour. All Promega @cademy webinars are free, though we do ask you to register.

Genetic link between Native Americans and Asians strengthened

Medill Reports
Could a remote, mountainous region in southern Siberia be the genetic source from whence Native Americans sprung?

Forensic lab of South Asia to be operational soon, says Shahbaz

The Nation India
LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the latest forensic lab of South Asia will soon be fully operational in Lahore to probe the criminal evidence on most modern scientific lines

State crime lab’s problems have put murder cases on hold

The Day.com Connecticut
…The forensic lab in Meriden, years behind in testing physical evidence in all but the highest-priority cases, lost its certification from the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLAD) in August 2011. The FBI also audited the lab and stopped allowing it to submit DNA information to a national databank…