Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

At Embattled State Crime Lab, Limits On Evidence Set

Hartford Courant
The expert panel wrestling with a huge backlog of untested DNA cases at the state crime lab has for the first time set limits on how many evidence samples the police can send to the lab.
It’s an effort to try to give the lab some breathing room as it works to reduce one of the country’s worst logjams of untested crime-scene evidence. The backlog of cases includes dozens of rapes and other violent crimes.

County moves forward on new forensics center plan

Houston Chronicle
Harris County will begin building a cutting-edge forensics tower in two years, allowing its scientists to conduct autopsies and test evidence in a growing number of cases.

James F. Crow, Population Genetics Pioneer, Dies at 95

New York Times
James F. Crow, a leader in the field of population genetics who helped shape public policy toward atomic radiation damage and the use of DNA in the courtroom, died last Wednesday at his home in Madison, Wis. He was 95.

Tan Malaka’s DNA test difficult but team presses ahead

Jakarta Post
A team of relatives, historians and forensic scientists are pressing ahead with their efforts to carry out DNA tests on remains excavated in an East Java village three years ago, thought to be that of controversial leftist figure Tan Malaka.

Sorenson Forensics to Set Up Nigeria’s First Forensic DNA Laboratory

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –* DNA Lab Will Provide 21st Century Law Enforcement Science to Africa’s Most Populous Country
Utah-based Sorenson Forensics today announced it is designing and implementing the first professional law enforcement DNA laboratory in Nigeria.

Tax Cheat’s DNA Helps Crack 21-Year-Old Murder Case: David Hedrick Arrested

Huffington Post
Police in central Florida claim they’ve cracked a 20-year-old homicide investigation by matching a tax cheat’s DNA to evidence at the murder scene.
David Lee Hedrick, 50, a computer and television salesman from Apopka, began 15 years of probation for tax fraud on Nov. 21 by providing a DNA sample to state officials, The Orlando Sentinel reports.